• M2 Peer Mentor Program Training Manual
    Jan 01, 2016 | Queen's University

    The M2 Peer Mentor Program Training Manual aims to help staff at post-secondary institutions with the process of planning and implementing comprehensive training for Peer Mentors. The manual provides all the necessary materials (lesson plans, presentations, handouts) for facilitators to effectively deliver training sessions.

    The manual is divided into four sections. The first section includes an overview of the pilot program at Queen’s University, information on the curriculum framework, and guidance on how to plan and deliver Peer Mentor training. The second section includes all of the necessary materials for each training session, including comprehensive lesson plans with learning outcomes, background readings and resources, and companion notes for each presentation. The third and final section includes evaluation tools to assess training.

    Download the M2 Peer Mentor Program Training Manual (PDF).

    In the Training Manual, you will find everything you need to facilitate Peer Mentor
    training, including:

    • Lesson plans, including learning outcomes and activity instructions, for each
      training session
    • Icebreaker activities
    • Role-play instructions and suggestions for facilitating
    • Evaluation tools to evaluate training and students’ learning

    Additionally, the PowerPoint presentations for all training sessions are available below.

    PowerPoint Slides: