The Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey


About the Survey

The Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey (CCWS) aims to help post-secondary institutions assess health and wellbeing on campuses, identify priorities for intervention, and increase capacity to link research with policy and practice. Aligned with the National Standard for Mental Health and Well-Being for Post-Secondary Students, the CCWS vision is for a comprehensive and coordinated evaluation system for Canadian post-secondary student mental and physical health and wellbeing. Participating institutions receive a customized dataset for their own institution, as well as access to an interactive reporting tool (Tableau dashboard) to allow for comparisons between data for non-identified institutions, allowing for knowledge and resource sharing. The CCWS is now available to all post-secondary institutions across Canada with over 60 institutions participating so far.


How to Use the CCWS Findings

Participating in the CCWS is a targeted approach for post-secondary institutions (PSI) to monitor campus health and well-being to better support students and employees. The findings can inform the implementation of policies and programs that meet the unique campus needs identified through the surveys. PSIs can also compare results with other Canadian campuses, creating the potential to share practices that help create heathier campuses.



Thinking about participating in the CCWS? Here are some additional resources to help you get started.

  • Learn more about how to deploy the survey, including timeline, checklists, and the necessary forms and agreements to be completed before the survey can start.
  • CCWS has developed a series of toolkits to help you promote the survey. Toolkits are available for both the student and employee surveys.

Participate in the 2023-2024 deployment

Have additional questions? Visit the FAQs page of the CCWs website

Please visit the CCWS website ( or email send an e-mail to to learn more


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Call for White Paper Topics

The CCWS team is inviting requests for customized analyses of the CCWS data. These may be the basis of white papers (e.g., an in-depth report on a specific topic) for dissemination to the postsecondary community via the Best Practices Network.  Priority will be given to topics of interest at a national scale.  More information about the CCWS and associated data is available at If interested please email



For peer-reviewed publications, look at the research section of the BP-Net website.