Best Practices Continuum Track Submission Form

Indigenous-Specific Practices Track Submission Form



Considering submitting a practice (e.g., program, service, framework, resource, etc.)? If the following criteria apply to your practice, we encourage you to apply:

      ✓  You have a practice that supports student mental health on your campus

      ✓  The practice is working

      ✓  You want other campuses to know about it

We welcome practices that are at an early stage and are beginning to show signs of success! The submission process takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Practices can be submitted using the appropriate track-specific submission online form. Where applicable, applicants can submit a practice to both the best practices continuum and Indigenous-specific practices tracks.

Not sure which designation to submit to or require additional assistance? Identify the appropriate designation for your practice through our submission training video below, or email for assistance.


Submissions to the Best Practices Library are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed twice a year during the fall and spring of each year. Submissions to the library are assessed using track-specific criteria, with those accepted to the best practices continuum track receiving a designation of cutting-edge, emerging, promising, or best practice and practices accepted to the Indigenous-specific practices track receiving the Ways Tried and True practices designation. Practices demonstrating commitments to improve the health of equity-deserving groups can also receive a health equity icon.


Two to three reviewers are matched to each submission based on their expertise and/or lived experience in the practice area. Reviewers assess submissions according to pre-identified track-specific criteria outlined in the Best Practices Guide. During the review process, reviewers may request further information from the applicants or provide feedback to improve the practice. Final practice designations are based on a consensus meeting among all reviewers facilitated by BP-Net.


Interested in reviewing for the Best Practices Library? Complete this brief application form and the BP-Net will contact you with next steps.