The Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey (CCWS) is now preparing for the Winter 2023 deployment and is encouraging all institutions interested in a 2022-23 deployment to take part!


What is the CCWS?

The CCWS helps Canadian post-secondary institutions assess the mental and physical health and wellbeing of students and provides a national platform for shared learning and knowledge exchange for post-secondary institutions. In its first year (2019-20), the survey was available to all public post-secondary institutions in British Columbia. To date, the CCWS has been deployed at over 60 institutions across Canada. In addition, a CCWS for employees has now been created so that institutions can take a whole-campus approach to health and wellbeing (Okanagan Charter, 2015). The CCWS is hosted at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and its development was supported by the Rossy Foundation. Additional communications support is provided by the Best Practices in Higher Education Network.

To learn more about the survey tool, its goals and how it was developed, please visit


Why Participate in the CCWS?

At this time, the CCWS is inviting any interested post-secondary institutions to participate in the Winter 2023 deployment of the CCWS; although, institutions can participate at any time that suits their preference, individually or as part of a consortium. Given the extraordinary circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important now than ever to identify ways to support student and employee wellbeing, and to set a new baseline to determine what supports students require or, if your institution has previously participated, to monitor student health and wellbeing during the pandemic recovery. In addition to informing individual institutions’ approaches to mental and physical health and wellbeing, the data collected will enable opportunities to examine priority health issues affecting the broader post-secondary population, through national comparisons and regional analysis.

A vital feature of the CCWS is a feedback mechanism where institutions have access to visual representations of their data and normative references, and the capacity to customize analyses. Participating institutions will receive their own institutional dataset and have access to an online tool (Tableau; to compare their data to other comparable institutions’ data (individual students and institutions will not be identifiable in this dataset).


Recommended Key Deadlines for a Winter 2023 Deployment:

  • By June 2022: Initiate REB applications and approval of service agreement at one’s institution
    • Begin discussions at your institution about additional questions, promoting the survey, and the mail out option that will work best for you and your IT department
    • Request a service agreement for your institution from the CCWS team
  • By October 31, 2022: Submit REB documentation and signed service agreement to CCWS
  • By mid-January 2023: Submit Winter Implementation Checklist and cohort file to CCWS (stable enrolment date)
    • Must be received two weeks prior to survey launch date
  • February-March 2023: Typical survey deployment window (after stable enrolment date and before exams)
  • Summer 2023: CCWS preparing deliverables to institutions

Further details on preparing for deployment, including a full description of deadlines and deliverables in the Information Package and Technical Document, are available at (student survey) and survey).


CCWS One-page Summary and Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)