• Changing the Culture of Mental Health on Campus Through Evaluation
    Jun 18, 2018 | University of Calgary

    Embracing the need to enhance campus mental health includes the development of a strategic process, one that is motivating and engaging, and truly resonates with the community.  With the University of Calgary’s Campus Mental Health Strategy, campus stakeholders have taken up program evaluation as a means to their goal of creating a holistic mental health culture and experience for their staff, faculty, students, and post-doctoral scholars. Using the University of Calgary as a case example, discussions during this workshop were focused on evaluation best practices, learnings, and next steps related to participant’s unique institutional experiences.

    Presented By: Debbie Bruckner, Senior Director, Student Wellness, Access & Support, University of Calgary; Andrew Szeto, Director, Campus Mental Health Strategy, University of Calgary; Susan Barker, Vice-Provost (Student Experience), University of Calgary

    Presented At: CACUSS 2018

    Competencies: Leadership, management and administration, strategic planning, research and assessment

    Download Workshop Slides (PDF)

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