• Mental Health Commission of Canada Dialogue in a Box
    Feb 27, 2019 | Mental Health Commission of Canada

    The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) is in the process of developing a voluntary Standard that will help postsecondary institutions promote and support student mental health, on and off-campus.

    The MHCC has developed a guide that has everything post-secondary institutions need to host a successful dialogue to contribute their thoughts and ideas to that process and report back the data to CSA and MHCC.

    Tools in this kit include:

    • Hosting a Successful Dialogue checklist
    • Sample emails
    • Safer Space Guidelines
    • Participant Worksheets
    • Facilitator’s Report Form (Please note that the Feedback forms are to be sent to Karyn Ferguson and Polly Leonard – link is in the PDF).
    • Practices Profile Form

    Use these tools to plan and host your dialogue and to submit your input to the CSA Group technical committee.

    Download the toolkit (PDF)

    Download an overview presentation (PDF)

    More information on the Standard and the development process.