• University of Alberta Suicide Prevention Framework
    Aug 31, 2018 | University of Alberta

    The University of Alberta (U of A) Suicide Prevention Framework outlines a five-part framework for enhancing suicide prevention. Specifically, the report identifies 36 recommendations across the five categories to build upon student, staff, and faculty mental health and wellness services and to improve the capacity and capability for suicide prevention at the U of A.

    The Suicide Prevention Framework addresses recommendations across five dimensions, including:

    1. 1. Policy & Implementation
    2. 2. Education, Awareness & Communication
    3. 3. Supports & Services
    4. 4. A Welcoming, Connected & Supportive Campus Community
    5. 5. Supports Following A Campus Death

    In addition to the recommendations, suggestions for assessment and sustainability are also provided.

    More information on the University of Alberta Suicide Prevention Framework.

    Download the Framework below:

    University of Alberta Suicide Prevention Framework (PDF)