• ThriveRU
    Apr 10, 2018 | Ryerson University

    Developed by Ryerson Student Affairs, the goal of the ThriveRU initiative is to provide training and resources to Ryerson students, faculty and staff in order to teach the skills associated with resilience, well-being and thriving in both an academic and personal context.  Principles of positive psychology underpin all of the programs associated with ThriveRU.

    ThriveRU is made up of 4 session resilience training program designed to teach the five-factor model of resilience (mindfulness, gratitude, optimism, self-compassion, and grit).  This program is offered separately for students, faculty and staff at Ryerson University.

    More information on the ThriveRU Program. 

    To download the program materials, click on the links below:

    ThriveRU Weekly Workbook
    ThriveRU Facilitator Manual
    ThriveRU Resilience Cards
    10 Tips for Resilience
    7 Tips for Success at University