• Supervision Guidelines for Graduate Students
    Oct 03, 2017 | University of Toronto

    This document was developed by a working group at the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) which involved representatives from the School of Graduate Studies, the Graduate Students’ Union, and the Conflict Resolution Centre, as well as faculty members and students from various Divisions. In addition, sections from the document have benefitted greatly from input and comments obtained from various experts across the University. Companion publications provide guidelines for faculty supervisors and graduate administrators. Jointly, these guidelines outline best practices for graduate supervision at the University of Toronto and assist all participants in the supervisory process to have a clear understanding of responsibilities and expectations in order to optimize the graduate experience and prevent or reduce potential problems or conflicts.

    For more information on the supervision guidelines, visit the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies website

    Download Supervision Guidelines for Graduate Students (PDF).

    Download Supervision Guidelines for Faculty (PDF).

    Download the Supervision Guidelines Tip Sheet (PDF).

    Download a handy reference guide for students about the Graduate Supervision Guidelines.