• Making the Grade on Student Mental Health
    Nov 20, 2019 | Mental Health Commission of Canada

    With 2 million students in post-secondary institutions in Canada, mental health is a growing and pressing societal problem. The Mental Health Commission of Canada wants to help post-secondary institutions support and promote mental health and wellbeing for students.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

    • Supporting mental health for post-secondary students
      • Mental health on Canadian post-secondary campuses
      • What is a Standard? Why this PSS Standard?
      • Who is supporting the creation of the Standard?
      • Overview of the research and development phase – engagements from coast to coast to coast
      • Online survey high level result
      • Public review success!
      • Get ready for launch 2020!
    • The Inquiring Mind Post-Secondary mental health training program
      • Overview of the program and concepts
      • Course results and case studies
      • How to get training on campus
    • Introduction to NEADS
      • How it supports students with mental health conditions
      • Role in supporting the development of the PSSS
      • How TIM PS can be utilized and promoted on campuses across Canada

    Download the Webinar Slides (PDF)