• Jack.org Youth Voice Report 2020
    Jan 04, 2021 | Jack.org
    The Jack.org Youth Voice Report 2020 is a youth-led report that outlines young peoples’ perspectives on what causes mental health struggles as well as what barriers impact youth from seeking help within their communities.

    The report highlights the voices of 1,107 young people from across Canada, obtained from surveys and focus groups, with the goal to centre youth’s perspectives and needs in initiatives that aim to address youth mental health.

    The recommendations outlined in the report serve as a guide for post-secondary administrators, policymakers and adult allies who are working to improve the mental health of young people in Canada.

    Barriers that impact youth from seeking help identified in the report include:

    • Academic stress
    • Lack of understanding how to use digital mental health services
    • Difficulty in finding the right individual for support

    Key recommendations from the report include:

    • Encourage the use of teaching practices that support student wellbeing
    • Help young people access and navigate online mental health services
    • Increase the availability of culturally appropriate mental health services

    Jack.org hopes to amplify the voices and perspectives of youth in Canada to impact decision-making within youth mental health. The report themes identify a call to action to collaborate with young people to truly meet their needs.

    Download the Youth Voice Report 2020  (PDF)