• Jack.org Campus Assessment Tool Pilot 2018-2019
    Sep 10, 2019 | Jack.org

    The Campus Assessment Tool (CAT) is a five-part, youth-led participatory research tool designed to support the advocacy work of student-run Jack Chapters. Ten post-secondary chapters across Canada were invited to take part in this pilot project, which launched in December 2018.

    The CAT guides young people through a process of understanding how their campus communities serve, protect, and promote youth mental health.

    Though modest in the conclusions made nationally, results of this CAT pilot offer seminal insight on the health supports and services offered on post-secondary campuses across the country. The tool is made up of directives and surveys to gauge the range of services offered on campus, the accessibility of these services, and student satisfaction with what is offered. In addition to assessing the mental health supports on campus, the tool asks broader questions of how campuses support and promote positive mental health. To this end, the tool seeks to understand how specific upstream factors may prevent or enable people from accessing services, or how policies and programs create or prevent mental health struggle in the first place.

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    Download the Jack.org Campus Assessment Tool Pilot 2018-2019 (PDF)