• Equity in Mental Health Framework and Toolkit
    Nov 09, 2017 | The Jed Foundation, The Steve Fund

    The Equity in Mental Health Framework (EMH Framework), developed by The Jed Foundation (JED) and The Steve Fund, aims to help colleges and universities support and enhance the mental health of students of colour.

    The EMH Framework and corresponding online toolkit (EMHF toolkit) provide academic institutions with a set of ten evidence-based actionable recommendations and key implementation strategies to support administrators, decision-makers, providers, and students and help strengthen campus-based activities and programs to address the mental health disparities facing students of colour.

    The EMHF toolkit was primarily designed to support college/university administrators and providers; but can be of use to students, families and communities.

    Click the links below to download the EMH Framework and EMHF Toolkit:

    EMH Framework (PDF)

    EMHF Toolkit (PDF)