• Responding to Student Death: A Caring Campus Approach
    Jun 18, 2019 | University of Calgary

    Many events of significant impact occur regularly on post-secondary campuses. A difficult and often highly emotionally charged event is the death of a student. A post-secondary’s response to a student death can reduce the impact on affected students and family members, supporting the wellbeing of the entire campus community. In this session, a panel of speakers shared the University of Calgary’s approach to handling student deaths. Each member of the panel presented on an aspect of broader policy, communication and clinical response or practice. This was followed by a moderated panel discussion and ending with a question and answer session.

    Presenters: Debbie Bruckner, University of Calgary, Senior Director, Student Wellness, Access & Support; Andrew Szeto, University of Calgary, Director, Campus Mental Health Strategy; Susan Barker, University of Calgary, Associate Vice-Provost (Student Experience); Ann Laverty, University of Calgary, Senior Counsellor

    Feature Session: Evolving Perspectives on Campus Mental Health, CACUSS 2019

    Competencies: Emotional and Interpersonal Intelligence; Leadership, Management, Administration

    Download the Responding to Student Death: A Caring Campus Approach Presentation Slides (PDF).