• The Evaluation Challenge (Consultancy Workshop)
    Jun 20, 2018 | University of Toronto, Algonquin College, McGill University, Queen's University, University of Calgary

    Canadian Institutions deliver a range of programming to promote student mental health. but do not always have the resources to develop evaluation methods to determine their effectiveness.  The Best Practices Network in Canadian Higher Ed is committed to sharing emerging and best practices and results across Canadian post-secondary institutions.  For this two-hour workshop, participants will learn about Algonquin College’s Umbrella Project and the University of Calgary’s Case Management Services and their challenges in engaging in evaluation/assessment.  Facilitated by the Best Practice Network, participants and project leads will engage in the development process of evaluation strategies for these projects.

    Presenters: Sandra Yuen,  Director of Professional Practice & Quality Assurance/University of Toronto Project Lead, University of Toronto & Best Practices Network in Canadian Higher Ed; Lina Di Genova, Associate Director-Assessment, Learning, and Evaluation /McGill University Project Lead, McGill University & Best Practices Network in Canadian Higher Ed; Jennifer Dods, Executive Director, Student Wellness Services & Queen’s University Project Lead, Queen’s University & Best Practices Network in Canadian Higher Ed; Shawna Bava, Manager, Student Wellness Services, University of Calgary; Amanda Nielson, Algonquin College and Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services

    Presented at: CACUSS 2018

    Competencies: Strategic planning, research and assessment

    Download the Workshop Slides (PDF)