• Australian University Mental Health Framework
    Dec 01, 2020 | Orygen: The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health

    Following the 2017 release of the Orygen report, Under the radar: the mental health of Australian university students, funding to develop an Australian University Mental Health Framework (the framework) was provided through a grant from the Australian Government Department of Health. The framework was developed through extensive consultation with students, and university and mental health sector stakeholders.

    The framework provides guidance for mentally healthy university settings that support student mental health and wellbeing in collaboration with the mental health sector. It was designed to:

    • Support a whole of university approach;
    • Be pragmatic and realistic;
    • Be student-centred;
    • Share responsibility within and across sectors, leading to a collective impact;
    • Build on existing work, move forward, and provide a foundation for further research and evaluation;
      build capacity
    • Be flexible and able to be tailored.


    The framework is structured around six principles that support student mental health and wellbeing and may inspire discussion, promote new thinking and interventions, and facilitate evaluation and learning.

    1. 1. The student experience is enhanced through mental health and wellbeing approaches that are informed by students’ needs, perspectives and the reality of their experiences.
    2. 2. All members of the university community contribute to learning environments that enhance student mental health and wellbeing.
    3. 3. Mentally healthy university communities encourage participation; foster a diverse, inclusive environment; promote connectedness; and support academic and personal achievement.
    4. 4. The response to mental health and wellbeing is strengthened through collaboration and coordinated actions.
    5. 5. Students are able to access appropriate, effective, timely services and supports to meet their mental health and wellbeing needs.
    6. 6. Continuous improvement and innovation is informed by evidence and helps build an understanding of what works for student mental health and wellbeing.


    Download the Australian University Mental Health Framework (PDF)