• Anti-Oppressive Practice in Action Toolkit – Part 1 and 2
    Mar 31, 2022 | Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health
    The Anti-Oppressive Practice (AOP) Toolkit, developed by CICMH, is divided into two parts to explain what anti-oppressive practice is, its intersection with mental health, and how we can use AOP to make campuses healthier for everyone.

    Part 1: Guide for Moving from Theory to Action, gives an overview of AOP, why it’s important on post-secondary campuses, and important terminology.

    Part 2: Colonialism and Mental Health on Campus, describes Colonization and Colonialism in Canada, and the ongoing harmful repercussions that are still present today, such as racism and exclusion. Part 2 gives guidelines for how we can use AOP at individual and institutional levels to address oppression.

    Download Part 1 (PDF)

    Download Part 2 (PDF)

    Download Dr. Carol Wade’s and Dr. Ingrid Waldron’s webinar slides (PDF)