The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), in collaboration with CSA Group (standards organization), is leading the development of a Standard on Psychological Health and Safety for Post-Secondary Students (PSS Standard). Like the Standard developed for the workplace including those who work in post-secondary institutions, the PSS Standard will act as a voluntary process guideline to help Canada’s academic institutions promote and support students’ psychological health and safety, and support students’ success.

You are invited to review the draft PSS Standard. Visit, create or log in to your account and search “Z2003” to find the draft of the PSS Standard.

You have until November 6, 2019 to review, share and substantiate comments and recommend a course of action.

The Public Review stage of the development of this Standard is intended to provide an equitable opportunity for all interested stakeholders to review the draft version of the Standard, created by the CSA Technical Committee.

The MHCC and the CSA Group gratefully acknowledge the support of Bell Let’s Talk, The Rossy Foundation, The RBC Foundation, and Health Canada in developing the PSS Standard. Other key partnerships include but are not limited to Universities Canada and Colleges and Institutes Canada.

Set to be finalized and released in 2020, this PSS Standard will support #studentsuccess by promoting and strengthening student mental health. It will seek to create a consistent evidence-informed approach for post-secondary institutions across Canada.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the MHCC team at:

Click here to review and provide your feedback about the draft PSS Standard no later than November 6, 2019.